Our goal is to help people
change their lives one person
 at a time through the power of

Far Infrared Heat Therapy.


 ~  3 person luxury

Love it!

Iím so glad I called, Jim and discussed my concerns and available options for getting the right sauna for me. I will try to make this short, as I use my laptop, listen to the radio, enjoy the colored lights, sip water, enjoy smelling fragrant lavender coming from the ionizer, sweat off lbs. and detoxify. I have only been using it a short time, a couple of weeks but already I am very happy with my purchase.

Jimís personal touch in helping me get the right one for me, with a price well below anything else I was looking at, with more bells and whistles, made the purchase and set up experience, secure, comfortable, and trouble free. Great person to work with.

The extra tips I received about set up and use were very valuable. Myself, being one of those insecure folks, he was a phone call away, eager and willing to walk me through any concerns I had, so I could leave the perspiration where it belonged (lol), in the sauna.

And let me tell you, Iíve been doing a lot of that. Being a past user of the wet sauna, I love the dry sauna. It was hard for me to wrap my head around being able to use electronics, paper and cdís inside.

Being a large person, pre-diabetic, with circulation problems, there is also plenty of room. I can lay down and put my feet up if I like. Moving and my energy level has improved and Iím very confident that this is only the beginning. Iíll send another feedback after Iíve used it longer, but so far Iím completely delighted.

If you are considering purchasing an infrared sauna, feel comfortable and donít hesitate to talk to Jim and go for it. Tell him Mona in Wisconsin said she loves hers and to tell you more.

Mona J ~ Prentice, Wisconsin

 ~  2 person luxury

We love our new sauna purchased from the Sauna Health Store. Their booth at the NW Flower and Garden Show in Seattle introduced us to the far infrared type of dry heat sauna, and we discovered how comfortable, practical, and affordable a sauna could be. Jim hit the perfect chord of presentation, information, and customer service, which convinced us to place an order for a two-person sauna. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions we've made in a long time. 

Mark and Jim have provided top notch customer service. Jim made the purchase process easy, while Mark was at our home within two hours after delivery to perform a custom setup of the sauna
and instruct us on its use. That's the definition of customer service. 

The sauna looks great in our home, and the compact size makes it look like a complimentary piece of furniture in the room. It's been installed for about two weeks now.

We enjoy using it every day and feel great doing it. Janet also oftentimes pops in for a short session first thing in the morning to start her day on a warm note. She says sauna use has helped immensely with her aching joints and a problem shoulder that has been bothering her. Her PT therapist has expressed interest in how far infrared use has helped her condition, and sauna use has helped her sleep better. Daniel has seen the most benefit to his skin.

The built-in stereo enhances the sauna experience, and we find ample room to sauna together. We feel using the sauna has had a very positive benefit to our health and attitude. We look forward to owning and using our sauna for a long time.

The Sauna Health Store makes the purchase and setup of an indoor sauna easy and painless. They have provided us with and great combination of price and customer service. We recommend you give them the opportunity to do the same for you.

Daniel and Janet B ~ Bothell, Washington

 ~  1-2 Studio

Dear Jim,

We wish to express our great appreciation for the professional manner in which the purchase of our sauna has been handled. All of the details were
handled very efficiently and in a timely manner!

Your customer service has been with out par!

We are looking forward to many wonderful years of use of our sauna, knowing that we have purchased
from a reputable and service-oriented company.

Keep up the good work!

Don and Dolores G ~ Redmond, Washington

  ~  2 Bay luxury

Hi Jim,

We've had our sauna about a month or so now,
and I knew I was going to like it, but I think I like
it even more than I thought I would. It's amazing how it makes you feel. Our son uses it as much as we do.

Thank you for all your help, and I will recommend Sauna Health Store to everyone.

Thanks again,

Linda & Mike T ~ Gig Harbor, WA


Sean and I got the new sauna and  put it together two days ago.  We are already enjoying it very much.  I have attached a picture of where we have it in our house.

Thanks again,

Jennifer & Sean M ~ Beech Grove, IN

 ~  3 person luxury

Hi Jim,

My husband and I bought a 3 person sauna this
past Sunday at the Indianapolis Home Show.  

I just wanted to thank you for being so professional and informative.  You gave use the information we needed to make a decision that will have positive effects on our health and well-being.

 I did get an email saying the sauna will arrive at our house next Thursday.  We are so excited.  We have been hurriedly remodeling a room in our house to accommodate the sauna and I think it is going
to be just perfect for it!  

Thanks again for all the information and help during this process.

Jennifer & Sean M ~ Beech Grove, IN


 ~  1-2 person Studio

The 1-2 person sauna I purchased is one of the
best purchases of the last couple years.

It warms up quick and is plenty powerful with a simple 110 power outlet.

I had a little concern that the power supply
would not be adequate but no issue there.

After using it multiple times, I come out refreshed and feeling great.

I can also feel a bit of a detox action happening
so I know it is doing its work at a cellular level.

An added benefit is that my skin has immediately become softer and cleansed even after the first sauna.

An awesome complement to my basement
'Health spa and workout Mecca'.

Thanks much!

Terry H ~ Seattle, WA


 ~  1-2 person Studio

We are enjoying the benefits of our new infrared sauna.

What a wonderful experience from start to finish. You have such a natural way of sharing the benefit and value of the infrared sauna. You both have
such a healthy glow and are genuine and honest
in your way of doing business. How refreshing that alone was to do business with you.

Now onto the the really good stuff.

Jim personally delivered the sauna to our home on Monday evening (just one day after we purchased the sauna.) They not only delivered the sauna but they carried the various parts downstairs and assembled the sauna for us. That was an unexpected plus as we thought someone else would be making the delivery and we would be assembling the sauna ourselves.

The sauna itself has an easy assembly system (like a plug and play.) Yet Jim took the time and set it up and made sure we were pleased with the product. They had put in long hours at the Home Show and yet they took the time and care to make sure the sauna was up and running and gave us helpful hints on the use and care of the sauna.

I couldn't wait to use the sauna and so after they left I got in sat the timer for 30 minutes and the heat to what I thought would be right for my first time (132 degrees.) Within a few minutes I was feeling relaxed and peaceful. What a great way to end my day.

I am a flight attendant and am exposed to toxins of all kinds and am looking forward to seeing and feeling the benefits of using the sauna for detoxification after my flights. Along with all of the other benefits that I know will come from the use of this beautiful sauna that is just steps away and in our own home.

I have already contacted my friends on Facebook and they are wanting to know more about the use of the sauna and are asking for updates on my progress. Of course they are asking to come over to use our sauna. I am going to let them know how affordable it is to have one of their own in their own home.  I will keep you and them all posted on my progress.

The service and product that Mark and Jim offer is Top notch and the service is First Class.

I work for a company that specializes in First Class Service and that is what we got when we stepped into the" Sauna Health Store" at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show.

Billie O ~ Seattle, WA


We received the sauna and itís all set up. Itís great! Thank you so much ! Minnie is just loving it already. In fact, I now know where to look for her when I canít find her. I believe that this sauna is the single most important purchase we have made for our health.

We appreciate everything you did to help us purchase the sauna. We have wanted one for a long time, but pricing was a real issue for us. You made it possible for us to finally get one in our home.

Again, thank you so much!

Lisa H and Minnie R ~ San Diego, CA


 ~  2 person luxury


This past January 2012 my wife and I were aimlessly walking the aisles of the Indianapolis Home Show and came across your booth.  Normally we glance at the products with tourist interest, but without any real expectation to purchase or take the products seriously. 

In our ten years of attending the show, we have purchased the occasional mop, ladder, or some special towel that sucks everything up.  However, in our attendance this year (being our 11th), you finally broke our simple routine and showed us a product that was worth giving a serious thought. 

 Although we had never considered a sauna, you took quality time to answer our numerous questions.  These were not only about the sauna and health benefits, but the benefits of a healthy lifestyle outside of the sauna. 

This made a tremendous impact on us both!

Even after taking so much of your time, you were very pleasant as we walked away to enjoy the rest of the show.  After the impression you made, we returned to your booth because you provided a value added experience that no one else could. 

It has been nearly three months now since our purchase, and our sauna experience has been tremendous!  My wife and I get to sit inside, sweat, talk, listen to music, and just plain relax.  All this while being away from the kids, waiting outside. 

We cannot say enough how thankful we are to you and your company for the product you provided us, and the excellent service to back it up.  We are lifelong fans of the Sauna Health Store and wish you and your company continued success!

Brian & Melissa C ~ Indianapolis, IN